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Codonopsis Plants

Codonopsis at Woodlands

The following are a list of those Codonopsis  that we grow, or have grown, to flowering size. There are several more that we hope to see flowering in the next year or so but, as pointed out in the Identification section, we prefer to wait and see. The descriptions are our own observations from gardeners' points of view rather than as botanists and many of the photographs have been taken by our friend Mike Ireland in our garden, although where others have allowed us to use their photographs we have explicitly credited them .

Codonopsis affinis

Codonopsis benthamii

Codonopsis bhutanica

Codonopsis cardiophylla ssp cardiophylla

Codonopsis clematidea

Codonopsis gracilis

Codonopsis inflata

Codonopsis kawakamii

Codonopsis ex Korea

Codonopsis lanceolata

Codonopsis obtusa

Codonopsis ovata

Codonopsis pilosula ssp pilosula

Codonopsis pilosula var modesta (our name)

Codonopsis rotundifolia

Codonopsis bomiensis

Codonopsis rotundifolia (large flowered)

Codonopsis SSSE86

Codonopsis subglobosa

Codonopsis subscaposa

Codonopsis pilosula ssp tangshen

Codonopsis tubulosa ssp tubulosa

Codonopsis ussuriensis

Codonopsis viridis

Pseudocodon hirsutus

Pseudocodon vinciflorus ssp vinciflorus

Pseudocodon ACE1625

Pseudocodon convolvulaceus ssp forrestii

Pseudocodon grey-wilsonii & Pseudocodon grey-wilsonii Himal Snow

Pseudocodon graminifolius

Pankycodon purpureus